Student Policy


The assessment and moderation policy provides a framework within which faculties and lecturers design course assessment tasks and grade students’ work. It also provides guidelines on how to deal with students’ issues with regard to assessment
Credit Transfer policy
The credit transfer policy support all prospective students to KTC being granted status points as appropriate towards KTC awards, based on relevant prior studies, thereby facilitating student mobility between institutions, sectors, the region and internationally; and reducing the College’s exposure to risk with respect to academic standards.


The objective of the policy is to provide timely and transparent feedback to ensure teacher trainees and in-service teachers are assured that any issues raised are dealt with using appropriate and independent processes. Hence, it will promote a healthy mutual relationship between the college, teacher trainees and in-service teachers and improve the success of students.



KTC’s Student Support Policy ensures positive orientation to KTC and students having access to information and support relating to relevant program-level requirements, thereby increasing the number and performance of those completing their study programs, through ensuring adequate assistance is available



The objectives of the policy are to equip interns with creative and innovative teaching approaches and strategies to use in single and multi-grade classroom teaching. It is about training students to creatively design, document systematically and use an e-portfolio appropriately to improve learning and teaching encouraging interns to relate theories to real classroom practice and apply those for effective learning and teaching



The aims of this Policy are to ensure that students have access to information relating to relevant program-level requirements for promotion and progression and academic progress report and are aware of and fully understand the requirements for completing their study program and the consequences for poor performance. The policy aims to improve students’ performance and assist them to complete their study program, while also ensuring there is fairness in the selection of students, progression and decision making should there be discontinuation of study




KTC Student Recruitment and Admission Policy
KTC Teaching And Learning Policy
KTC Monitoring and Evaluation Policy
The KTC Monitoring and Evaluation Policy objectives are about helping the college and other stakeholders to estimate, track and evaluate the impacts of the college programs and activities so decisions on whether they need to be modified can be made, also to determine whether resources are sufficient and effectively used and to enhance the quality of the Advanced Diploma Program so to effectively produce quality and qualified teachers
KTC Research Policy
The Research Policy is intended to improve teacher trainees, in-service teachers and academic lecturers’ research skills and knowledge and encourage action research/research as a tool to inform their planning and improve learning and teaching, boosting research capacity and foster the development of a community of researchers
Students’ Training and Scholarship Policy
This policy provides information on preservice training of students processes and the scholarships.
Spoiler title
This policy provides information on management of student information within databases and privacy, data accuracy and confidentiality processes.
Commercialization Policy
This policy is about opportunities which exist at KTC for additional pathways to courses, with payment by individuals who meet relevant criteria.
Students Allowance Policy
This policy is about student allowances which are paid for those students in funded positions and the guidelines which operate.
Students Code of Conduct Policy
This policy concerns expectations of student behaviour and consequences for non compliance.
Students’ Outstanding Scholarship & Loan Scheme Policy
Policy relating to scholarship and loans requirements for students
Students & Staff English Language Policy
This policy is about the KTC expectations of staff and students in relation to English language use.