Staff Policy

Staff Induction and training

  • Staff induction operates within the KTC Staff Training policy. Upon arrival at the college, the new staff are greeted by the Executive Management.
  • The relevant Deputy Principal hands over the new staff member to the relevant HOD who is then responsible for the induction of that person.
  • The induction process involves a tour of the campus by the new staff member and introduction to facilities and equipment, and all relevant college policies and procedures with which the new staff must be familiar and then ensure compliance, As a member of the college, he/she is expected to attend all relevant capacity development programs, as well as participating in staff meetings and committee meetings of which he/she is a member.
  • New staff and all academic and support staff are expected to participate in ongoing continuous professional development offered by the College and there are also some opportunities for specialist programs offered by other institutions within Kiribati and overseas. Wednesdays are non-teaching days and there is a CPD program available.
  • The Advanced Diploma Teaching Tertiary is available for all staff at KTC to upgrade their qualifications or add to existing qualifications.
  • Other training opportunities include Attachments/Exchange/Twinning and Short Training Programs

Performance Appraisal

  • Appraisal of staff is carried out on a biannual basis, including mid-year (end of June) and end of year appraisals (31 Dec) and operating within the Performance Management policy. The immediate supervisor completes the appraisal form in consultation with the staff member and the Principal completes the Head of Division’s parts of the appraisal form.
  • Staff performance is assessed relevant to the timely completion and quality of their tasks. Academic Staff performance are assessed through classroom observations, in relation to the timely completion of quality tasks (student attendance and academic reports etc).
  • The Staff Performance Appraisal process determines the salary increment for the staff member, with incremental increases being available.


  • Discipline of staff is conducted in accordance with the National Conditions of Service and all staff are made aware of the code of conduct for behaviour.
  • Staff are also supported to improve if non-performance is an issue in terms of their teaching skills or in other roles. Should it be necessary, the Deputy Principal provides the first two reprimands (verbal/written). The Principal shall send another reprimand should the staff member continue to perform poorly. In a case where the staff member continues to make no improvement, the Principal will recommend to the Ministry of Education for a 20-day suspension from duties, and the final decision is made by the Public Commission.
  • Failure to make any improvement upon resuming work results in termination of appointment as a staff member at KTC .