KTC offers a series of CPD opportunities for teachers and school leaders each school holidays at no cost. Other CPD is offered at various times to those on the outer islands. Some online module courses are also available. CPD in school holidays usually goes for 3-5 days, with some tasks for completion done during the workshop and a Statement of Completion issued (showing hours of the workshop, for presentation to Teacher Registration). CPD on the outer islands generally occurs at the end of the school days and on the weekends, also with tasks completed during the workshop and a Statement of Completion issued (showing hours of the workshop, for presentation to Teacher Registration).
CPD modules are not higher qualifications (unless further work is done and people have the academic skills to undertake these further programs of study).

May 2022 CPD Courses


23-25 May 2022

LLL1 Leading Learning instructional Leadership (face to face at KTC)

1st Workshop for new and aspiring school leaders: for those wishing to commence leadership studies

LLL4 Leading Learning instructional Leadership (face to face at KTC)

4th Workshop for new and aspiring school leaders for those who completed  LLL1, LLL2, LLL3


25 May 2022 and onwards

English for Academic Purposes (EAP):  academic skills course for any teachers and leaders interested in upgrading their qualifications, with further work then done online and submission of two hurdle tasks to a satisfactory level, which are pre-requisites to show academic skills for enrolling in Advanced Diploma in School Leadership or Advanced Diploma in Teaching (Inservice)


 25 May pm plus 26 and 27 May all day:  Face to face at KTC for South Tarawa teachers

JSS Curriculum & Resources for Term 2 English/Social Science & Maths/Scienceachers


25 May pm, 26 May & 27 May  (Google Meet & self study) for outer islands teachers

25 May pm, & 26 & 27 May (Google Meet and self study)

LLL1: for leaders and aspiring leaders who wish to commence leadership studies

LLL4: for those leaders and aspiring leaders who have completed LLL1, LLL2, LLL3






About CPD

For teachers and leaders in Kiribati, 40 hours of Continuing professional development (CPD) each year is a requirement for registration purposes. CPD helps you to become a better teacher or school leader or manager.  It helps you to develop and document the skills, knowledge and experiences that you gain during your work as a teacher/leader/manager.

No matter what your qualifications are, or your years of experience, CPD is for you.  CPD ensures you continue to be the best teacher/leader/manager you can be.  It is an ongoing formal and informal process and continues throughout your entire career.
Don’t underestimate the importance of CPD – it is a career-long obligation for all professional teachers and educators. The Ministry of Education, the Teacher Service Standards (TSS), School Leader Service Standards (KSLSS) and teacher registration processes expect you to engage in professional development, but CPD is mainly a personal responsibility. It is about you being a professional teacher or leader or manager, to keep your knowledge and skills current so that you can deliver high quality learning to the children of Kiribati.

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CPD Frequently Asked Questions

What are CPD modules?

Kiribati Teachers College (KTC) is now offering non-accredited CPD modules which are available at no cost to all
teachers, school leaders and manager in Kiribati. These are mini-courses that target one or more specific areas of
teacher/leader/manager capacity to help you do your work better. Whether you are a qualified permanent or contract teacher, or unqualified, a monitor or volunteer, school leader or manager, you are welcome to register for our CPD modules. If you work
with the children of Kiribati, come and update your skills.

How difficult are the modules?

Most CPD modules are targeted to a particular group of teachers, leaders or managers. Tasks are practical and can usually be completed during the workshop time to gain a Statement of Completion.

By the end of a workshop module you should be able to:
*demonstrate knowledge and skills and apply this to your work.

By attending the workshop regularly and completing brief tasks, mostly during the workshop, you will receive a Statement of Completion. These Statement of Completion documents can be provided to teacher registration as evidence of meeting the requirement of 40 hours of CPD each year.

What is the value of CPD?

CPD is non-accredited. It supports teachers, leaders and managers to upgrade their knowledge and skills for practical use in their work.
Accredited qualifications courses are also available for those teachers and leaders who demonstrate that they have B2 English skills and higher academic skills.

How do I upgrade my qualifications?

Advanced Diploma of Teaching (Inservice), Advanced Diploma of School Leadership and Graduate Certificate of Teaching (SSS) programs are available.

For Advanced Diploma of Teaching (Inservice) or Advanced Diploma of School Leadership, teachers and leaders must do the English for Academic Purpose course and do the two hurdle tasks to demonstrate that they have the academic skills for further accredited study. TELPA B2 skills are also required.

SSS teachers who have a degree, can do a Graduate Certificate of Teaching.

Face to face and online opportunities exist for qualifications upgrade.

What topics do the CPD modules cover?

We publish a list of workshops that you can choose from and then enrol in a
module. Topics and locations change often and lecturers make visits to outer islands
regularly to provide some topics and to ensure there is access to some CPD for everyone.
Broadly speaking, most modules are designed around the areas that you have told us that
you need.

How long do modules take to complete?

Most CPD modules are about 20-40 hours of work including workshop attendance and completion of tasks. Upon completing the workshop tasks, you will gain a Statement of Completion which you can provide to Teacher Registration to show that you are doing 40 hours of CPD each year

What will I learn?

All modules have learning outcomes. The learning outcomes prescribe the knowledge,
attitudes, skills and practices that you are expected to acquire and demonstrate upon
completion of the module through some short practical or written tasks. These tasks need to be presented or submitted at the workshop. You will gain a Statement of Completion which you can give to teacher registration as evidence that you are keeping up to date.