Corporate Committees

Corporate Governance

The KTC governance chart identifies the Academic Advisory Council as being the highest level of authority within the structure which serves as a principal advisory body on all matters including academic and corporate services matters. 

Under KTC Governance, Compliance, Operations and Corporate Services Committee oversees corporate aspects

Compliance, Operations and Corporate Services Committee (COSS)


⦁ Deputy Principal – Corporate Services
⦁ 2 Senior Lecturers
⦁ Office Manager
⦁ 2 HODs
⦁ IT
⦁ 2 student representatives (Year 2 and 3)

Roles and Responsibilities:
Oversees the development and implementation of corporate policies in relation to Human Resources and College development and change.

  • Strengthens College support services to improve learner achievements through proper recording systems, providing effective and efficient workforce, and monitoring the commitment of staff to their work.
  • Ensures that the College budget is developed in line with agreed policies and managed appropriately.
  • Ensures that effective and efficient processes are in place for staff appointment and conditions.
  • Ensures that daily chores of the College and support for students and staff are conducted in the most appropriate manner, and are transparent and cost-effective.
  • Makes available current and accurate information about the College programmes and services to students, staff and stakeholders
  • Ensures the College has adequate and appropriate physical and learning resources to deliver all its programmes

KTC Executive

Membership: Principal as Chair, plus two Deputy Principals

  • Has overall management responsibilities for the College.
  • Ensures the efficient performance of the College in all its corporate administrative functions.
  • Ensures the smooth operation of the College.
  • Manages the College budget and resources.



      Corporate Sub-Committees:

      ⦁ Disciplinary Committee
        ⦁ Membership:
          ⦁ HOD – Moral Education – Chair
          ⦁ Deputy Principal CS
          ⦁ 2 students (Year 1 and Year 2)
          ⦁ 2 lecturers
          ⦁ Associate Lecturer AL

      Roles and Responsibilities:
          ⦁ Conducts inquiry on students’ disciplinary cases, reports and makes recommendations to COSS for disciplinary actions to be taken in accordance with Disciplinary Policy
          ⦁ Maintains proper discipline in college campus and classrooms during the college working hours.

      ⦁ Students’ Support Services Committee
          ⦁ Deputy Principal CS
          ⦁ Senior Lecturer as chair
          ⦁ Assistant IT
          ⦁ 2 Lecturers (1 English Language, one with counselling qualification)
          ⦁ AL
          ⦁ 2 student reps
          ⦁ Librarian
          ⦁ Nurse

      Role and Responsibilities:
          ⦁ Brings student viewpoints and needs to the attention of the relevant committees and Executive
          ⦁ Ensures students’ interests are reflected in all policy decisions made and that alignment occurs of board policies and priorities with students’ changing needs
          ⦁ Promotes the campus as a healthy, safe and caring environment Promotes student services support to enhance students’ welfare (counselling, health and care centre, academic support, etc)

      ⦁ Physical and Learning Resources Committee

         ⦁ Membership:
          ⦁ Senior Lecturer as chair
          ⦁ 2 students
          ⦁ Maintenance officer
          ⦁ Registry Clerk
          ⦁ Lecturer
          ⦁ AL

      Roles and Responsibilities:
          ⦁ Supports campus compliance with applicable health and safety regulations
          ⦁ Promotes health and safety in the college
          ⦁ Makes recommendations on health promotion programs which will enhance the health and safety of faculty, staff, students and the general public while at KTC, in consultation with relevant stakeholders like Ministry of Health
          ⦁ Oversees the overall management of the college learning resources and financial assets
          ⦁ Provides information and advice to the Compliance, Operations Support Services Committee (COSS) on issues relating to facilities maintenance and assets
          ⦁ Develops strategies and approaches relating to facilities management, and learning resources and assets management