EQAP accreditation of KTC

KTC is currently seeking Pacific Accreditation for the institution and its programs from the Educational Quality and Assessment Program (EQAP). KTC must meet certain standards about its facilities, governance, teaching staff, student support etc to be accredited. Ongoing monitoring of all programs is required to ensure KTC is continuously improving.

Monitoring and evaluation

⦁ The Monitoring, Evaluation & Research Committee conducts ongoing monitoring on implementation of courses, with reports regularly provided to Quality Learning and Teaching Committee and the Executive Management, also reporting to the Academic Advisory Board on a quarterly basis on very significant issues arising.
⦁ On bi-annual basis, M&E monitors courses obtaining student feedback using survey monkey to identify Issues, weaknesses, gaps and successes, which are then shared to faculty supervisors for follow up with individual lecturers or with faculty teams..
⦁ Larger scale evaluations occur every three years for each course.


  • Occurs at conclusion of each course through student feedback
  • Lecturers for subject/supervisor also discuss whether course design/assessment tasks need ‘tweaking’ and small changes.
  • Supervisors examine student feedback, discuss with individual lecturer, assist them in making plans on how to improve. Faculty wide issues are discussed in teams and amendments made.
  • Lecturers identified with teaching issues provided with support by the supervisors and executive management and with courses being regularly checked and monitored to ensure that they improve.
  • Lecturers not showing improvement despite the feedback and support they receive, will be reprimanded

Large Scale Evalution

  • Every 3years (according to KTC M&E policy), larger scale evaluation occurs through M&E Deputy for Academic
  • Involves scheduled look at each program of study which includes Advanced Diploma in Teaching (Primary), Advanced Diploma in Teaching (Junior Secondary), Advanced Diploma in Teaching (Tertiary), Advanced Diploma in Teaching (In-service), Advanced Diploma in School Leadership, Graduate Certificate in Teaching (Senior Secondary )
  • Involves wider stakeholder consultation process, also graduates, to gather further data eg look closely at success rates, whether graduates are getting jobs, what communities are saying about recent graduates and what principals and head teachers indicate the success of the program of study
  • A report is written by M&E group on that program of study/courses recommending changes for further discussion by subject departments and reworking of courses/program of study.

Student Feedback

EVALUate is KTC’s online system for gathering and reporting student feedback on learning experiences. There are separate surveys to assess the quality of teaching and the quality of courses.

At the end of every teaching period, students are invited to provide anonymous feedback about their courses. The surveys are sent electronically to students and have been optimised for desktops, tablets and mobile phones.  40% of students must respond for the results to be valid.

The de-identified results of this survey will be provided to the course coordinator(s) only after final results have been released. General summaries of the results are provided to relevant members of the college community and published, including on this webpage.
All feedback is taken seriously and is used to review learning and teaching quality and performance within teaching teams, subject departments and the college more broadly.

CPD modules also have feedback surveys to ensure quality of CPD courses